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Chapter 1: Natures Call  

((( A few days earlier )
Birds began to chirp as the sun began to slowly rise over the horizon.  The light gleamed in through the bushy tree branches illuminating this village within the trees.  The Village Oakhart was a town that housed the Lunarians and the Alerions.  
The Lunarian people where a race of humanoid beings with wolf like characteristics such as their eyes that allowed them to see in low light areas, their quick reflexes and agility, their keen sense of smell and hearing, and of course the fact that they had long ears and wolf like fury tails.  
The Alerions where a race of mystical beings using magical arts to commune with endora, this innate ability allowed them to use endora  as their weapon and take on the form of an exotic animal.
Oakhart was a vast village with buildings upon giant trees and along the ground, bridges linked most of the giant trees of Oakhart keeping the towns upper and lower regions connected.  At the heart of the village stood a giant tree where the village leaders and those who commune with endora resided. This tree was known as one of the tree of ages, holding a direct link to endora itself.  In one of the rooms within this tree was a woman who was waiting on an important message.
The young woman sat on her knees in the small circular room meditating, silence filled the room.  The wind blew through her long brown hair as she slowly fell into a trance.  To become one with the wind, and all of earth's creatures was but a simple task, one she had learned in her beginning training with her mentor Raniver.  This would be necessary task for one who walks a dangerous path of the Druid.  
She had been sitting there for hours, always having that calm peaceful filling gazed upon her face, her cloaked robe made of an enchanted green silk cloth and leaves waving through the breezy wind that blew around her as if whispering into her pointed alerion ears.  The calmness around Laia broke suddenly as the wind scattered around the room and the leaves on the tree's rustled around.  Slowly Laia's smooth tanned hand reached down for her Brown staff that was adorned with golden etched leaves as she opened her eyes.  Her eye's like most Alerions where Bright.  As bright as the shining moon itself, yellow, or a golden yellow color you could say.  Gazing into her eyes was like staring up at the stars; Laia's glasses merely enhanced those glowing orbs that so many in the town got lost staring into.
Laia stood up slowly to regard the figure that was approaching the room, the foot steps to a normal being would not have been heard, but Laia needed not hear the approaching figure but could sense the approach.  The figure walked into the circular room, he was a much taller alerion, but was dressed in more of a fighters garments with what was known as a battle robe and wore his hair shorter than most Alerions.
"Master Raniver", Laia's calm voice echoed as she still held her back to the figure in the room.
"Laia you've done well in your trials", Raniver began to say as he approached the young woman from behind, "your skills have put you at the top of your piers".  
A small smile creped onto Laia's face as the young woman turned to regard her teacher.  "Thank you master Raniver", the woman said.  
"Always the shy one when praised".
"I can't help it sir, it's..."
"It's your nature", Raniver interrupted as he gently set his hand on Laia's shoulder, "You have definitely become a peaceful spirit Laia".  
"Thank you", Laia said quietly as she brushed her hair from over her right eye.
"Being one of my best students and the most skilled at healing nature and others", Raniver began to say slowly walking to the window within the circular room; "Those are the key reasons for why I summoned you here this morning".
Laia's eyes followed Raniver's gaze as birds began to fly passed the opened window.  "Is it something serious sir"?  Laia quickly noticed Raniver's head sulk downward with grief, she could sense something was not well.
"There is a dilemma Laia". Raniver began to answer, "One of the countries to the east is going through a horrible turmoil".
"What sort of turmoil"?
"The land in the east is being plagued, something has infected the tree of ages and is causing plant life to die and sadly the animals and people living In that region who don't die when in contact with this plague become warped in their hearts and bodies". The horrific look on Laia's face was enough for Raniver to tell that she could picture what he was seeing.  "I want to send you to the tree of ages in the east and all the smaller ancient trees so you may cure them and end this plague".
"That is a long journey master".
"Indeed it is but I am confident you will not be alone", Raniver said with a slight grin on his face.  "I know very well that Kai will not let you journey so far without being by your side".
"No I'm sure he won't either", Laia replied with a little chuckle.
"How is your proficiency in the primal arts coming", Raniver said turning to face the young woman once more.
"I'm doing a little better sir, I have managed to successfully shape shift into three totem animals".
"Good that should be enough for now", Raniver said as he reached into a large pouch hanging at the side of his battle robe.  "But along your journey you may run into some obstacles, this book holds some spells we Alerions use".
"Is that the book of nature's wrath"?
"Indeed it is Laia", Raniver answered as he slowly handed Laia the book.  The book was brown with gold etched binding and a green leaf in the center.  "When I was about your age I traveled endora and came upon this book, this book allowed me to save my homeland from a horde of darkness and I'm sure it will help you as well".  Laia continued to examine the book as Raniver handed her a note.
"What's this"?
"This is a letter to the demon slayer unit you are to meet in Spring Holt, they will escort you the rest of the way to the tree of ages".
"Demon slayers, are demons the cause of this plague master"?
"From my meditations that is my best assumption, but I'd rather be safe than sorry Laia".  Raniver turned back to the window as he began to gaze outwards.  "I sent word to the demon slayers already, they will be escorting a priestess to Spring Holt from what I was told so be ready to leave by tomorrow morning".
"I'll do my best sir", Laia said as she started for the door.
"Laia wait".
"Yes Master", Laia said stopping abruptly.  She turned just in time to catch a golden apple tossed her way.
"You'll need that apple when you get to the tree of ages, oh and be careful".
"Will do sir", Laia said as she slowly turned and started out the door.
Raniver continued to gaze out the window staring into the direction of the east.  "This darkness seems fouler than the one I faced years ago, I do hope she makes it in time", Raniver said to himself quietly.
Laia was walking along the upper area of the village slowly while she compiled her thoughts.  There was so much to take in after receiving such an important mission.  the sun light was slowly beginning to peer through the shrub of the trees above Laia as she walked along the wooden bridge.  "Better get home and pack for this trip".
"What trip is that", a familiar voice said suddenly.
Laia let out a slight sigh as she turned to her right where a figure was perched atop a branch.  "How the hell do you still manage to sneak up on me"?
"Hey you have your training I have mine", the figure said as he leapt down from the branch.  The figure was wearing a black and gray outfit with a white wolf like fur cloak draped over his back.  On his side and hidden underneath the wolf like cloak where enchanted pouches with limitless arrows, in his hands was a bow made of bone and iron oak.  The figure had short spiky reddish brown hair, glimmering green eyes, and animal like pointed ears.  
"Are you going to just stand there Kai"? Laia said standing with her arms opened.
"I Missed you to dear", Kai sad as he gave Laia a tight hug, so what trip where you referring to"?
Laia pushed Kai arms length away as she took a deep breath, "Master Raniver has asked me to journey all the way to the eastern tree of ages".
"All the way to the eastern tree of ages"!
"Yes dear I'm sure you've even noticed the disturbance in the air recently", Laia said gazing up into the sky.  
"I can't deny that at all".  
"Well I have the item needed to cure the tree of ages".
"Well I guess we better get packing than huh", Kai said as he turned towards one of the other wooden ramps heading towards the ground level.
"And who said you where coming"?
Kai stopped abruptly but and looked slightly over his shoulder.  "What makes you think your going to make that long journey by yourself"?
"I only need to make it to Spring Holt".
"Spring Holt but that's not even half way".
"Where scheduled to meet a demon slayer unit there so whatever you need to do be ready by morning dear".
"Wait you're not going to argue with me on coming dear"?
Laia turned just to see the shocked expression plastered over Kai's face.  "No dear I knew you were going to join me, I just wanted to tease you a little".  Laia turned and started down the ramp leaving Kai speechless.
"That wasn't cool", Kai yelled.
"Just be ready by sunrise", Laia yelled back.
"You say that like I won't be seeing you tonight", Kai said laughing along the way down the ramp he was on.
Hours later Laia found herself meditating atop of Wellford's Point.  Her staff lay still before her in the grass as the wind breeze came through in waves.  Wellford's point was a small hill that reached the upper layer of the tree city and was connected by one wooden bridge.  It was normally used as a viewing area but Laia came here often to gather her thoughts and relax.  Laia could sense movement in the field below Wellford's point; she slowly opened her eyes to see a pack of lunar wolves dashing across the field past a crystal stag.  This wasn't the movement that caught Laia's attention but the two figures that stood down below.  Glancing down she quickly noticed one of the figures was Kai; he stood there firmly gripping the hilt of his bow.  Laia gently placed her hand on the ground trying increasing her senses by communing with endora.  Beside Kai and small flower in the shape of a bell grew out of the ground, the flower was enhancing the sounds allowing Laia to hear everything that was going on around it.
"Brother why do you bother with these Alerions"? The taller figure began to say.
"Why do you hate them so much Dknight"?
Dknight crossed his arms as he began to glare at his younger brother Kai.  Dknight also wore a wolf like cloak except his was dark grey draped over his shiny black rugged armor.  Dknight's hair was much longer than Kai's and dark brown.  "We don't belong with them brother".  
"That's your opinion brother".
"My opinion and our parents", Dknight added.
"Oh wow three against the rest of the populace", Kai started to say as he raised his voice.  "This village houses lunarians and Alerions Dknight so if they don't belong together than why in the hell is one of the most important villages in the area a combination of the two"?
"It's a mistake and I'm dragging you back to the Wulfgar Den".
"What makes you think you can drag me anywhere brother"?
Dknight began to reach for his great sword upon his back, a blade that was made by the bones of those he had slain in the past.  "I'll drag you by force if necessary".
"You won't get far brother".  
Dknight didn't waste any more words but merely charged at his younger brother full force.  His great sword came swooping down upon Kai, but with kai's greater agility and swiftness he easily dodged the blade.  Once the blade struck the ground Kai ran up his brother's sword and flipped over him landing just behind Dknight with an arrow drawn and ready to fire.   
"Give up Dknight, this won't end well for you", Kai said holding his arm steady.
"You don't have it in you", Dknight replied glaring at his brother.  Dknight slowly began to pull his blade free from the ground but within a blink of an eye an arrow flew past his face just barley cutting him.
"Are you sure I don't have it in me brother", Kai said drawing another arrow from his enchanted pouch.  
Dknight's anger began to boil within him at the sight of the blood on his face.  "How dare you", Dknight yelled as he prepared to charge once more.
Kai gave out a slight sigh as he released his second arrow upon his charging brother.  The arrow struck Dknight's right hand forcing him to drop his sword to the ground.  "You mine as well go live with those barbaric Lycanthrope brother, I'm sure your way of thinking will be accepted amongst them".  Kai turned his back and started walking off believing his brother's defeat would stop him.  
Dknight stood slowly gripping his hand, not even bothering to cover his wound or grab his sword he began to pace himself towards Kai ready to strike him from behind.  "You where foolish to turn your back on me brother", Dknight yelled as he pounced towards Kai.  
By the time Kai had turned to regard his brother all he saw was his brother being held in the air by a couple of large vines that sprouted out of the ground.  Kai smiled and glanced up to the top of Wellford's Point where he knew Laia sat.
"What is this"? Dknight yelled as he struggled to break free.  Small poufs of gas began to sprout out of spores along the vines as Dknight struggled.  "This isn't over brother" Dknight started to yell before he passed out.  
Kai watched as the vines slowly dropped the unconscious Dknight to the ground and vanished within the grass.  "I'll see you at home dear", Kai said glancing over at the bell flower in the ground before he started out of the field.
Laia just smiled, knowing Kai had her back no matter what helped assure her that they could make this journey with no problem.
That following morning before the sun began to rise Laia and Kai strolled down the lower regions of the village.  The lamps against the tree's filled with green illuminating farie fire lit their path as they headed to the village entrance.  Awaiting the two at the check in desk stood an older man in a brown robe and long white beard.  Beside that man stood Laia's teacher master Raniver.
"Master Raniver", Laia said giving a slight bow.
"It's nice to see you again Raniver", Kai said, "and always a pleasure to see you chief".
The older man began to chuckle slight as he brushed his hand through his long white beard.  "It's always a pleasure to see you as well Kai always full of spirit".  The sun began to slowly peer through the trees.  Kai and Laia turned towards the road watching the sun rise over the horizon.  "Take this", the village chief said as he handed Kai a folded up parchment.
Kai opened the rough parchment slowly revealing a map of the region.  "A map with a path marked out", Kai said.
"Yes Kai, this should help you and Laia safely get to Spring Holt and then to the Eastern tree of ages".
"Thank you sir", Kai said as he bowed slightly towards the village chief.
"Let get going Kai", Laia said turning towards the road once more.
"Laia be careful", Raniver said, "And Kai, watch her back".
"Always sir", Kai said with a slight smile.
With everything said, Laia and Kai set off into the sunrise, their destination Spring Holt.  Laia was calm and confident that they'll make their way safely through this journey.
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